Essay on population crisis in pakistan

This is the constructive aspect of floods. Reducing unnecessary energy use: Currently, around forty percent of our population is living beyond poverty line and this ratio is increasing day by day.

Load shedding cause unrest and frustration amongst the people and results in agitation against the government.

Floods in Pakistan Essay in English with outline

Simultaneously, it is the responsibility of us, the people of Pakistan, to utilize the available energy astutely and wisely to play our due role for progress of the country.

They make the most fertile lands. And on bases of its result population of Pakistan has reached to figure of million. Declination in economic growth, lower agricultural productivity, unemployment and shackling industrial growth result in increasing poverty.

In Pakistan, the appointment of employees is not on merit basis in many departments. With every passing day he is getting poorer and poorer, while the engineers of such food crises plural of crisis are earning more and more profits.

The inefficiency of the government machinery is also visible from the fact that the production of wheat and rice has always achieved its tragets. In an agricultural country like ours, it is manageable task, but it is always mishandled.

English Essay on Food Crisis in Pakistan (900 Words)

Energy crisis can be curtailed by: This problem has come to the forefront during the recent years but its roots have gone very deep and it has a long history. Thus energy crisis contributes towards unemployment. Pakistan has a small nuclear power program, with MW capacity, but there are plans to increase this capacity substantially.

Houses, huts, bridges, rail lines and roads, etc. In this process, the sufferer is the poor man of our country. By closure of industrial units and less agricultural productivity, new employment opportunities ceased to exist and already employed manpower is shredded by the employers to increase their profit ratios.

As a result of decline in energy supply, industrial units are not only being opened, but also the existing industrial units are gradually closing.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay Sample

The economic progress is hampered by decline in agricultural productivity as well as by halting in operations of industries. In this way, the cost on the production of our crops will be reduced. Though Pakistan has potentials of wind energy ranging from MW to MW, yet power generation through wind is in initial stages in Pakistan and currently 06 MW has been installed in first phase in Jhampir through a Turkish company and 50 MW will be installed shortly.

Essay on Population Explosion in Pakistan In this essay paper I will introduce the concept of overpopulation and its definition in the literal sense.

English Essay on Food Crisis in Pakistan (900 Words)

Then I will discuss its effects on the Pakistani economy and its impact on the agricultural sector.5/5(1). Essay: Energy Crisis in Pakistan Essay: ENERGY CRISIS IN PAKISTAN. OUTLINE: 1.

Population of Pakistan 2018 in Millions and Crores

Introduction. 2. Pakistan’s Energy Sector There has been an enormous increase in the demand of energy as a result of industrial development and population growth, in comparison to enhancement in energy production. Supply of energy is, therefore, far. Population of Pakistan 13 Major crisis due to overpopulation 16 Major causes of overpopulation 24 Summary 26 Conclusions 27 Recommendations 28 Appendix 29 Bibliography 32 Glossary 33 Index 34 INTRODUCTION This report is about the population crisis.

It describes little about the population of world but its focus is on overpopulation in Pakistan. English Essay on Food Crisis in Pakistan ( Words) history of food crisis in pakistan problem of food shortage in pakistan.

Essay on Population Explosion in the World with outlines. May 24, 0. The Future of Democracy in Pakistan Hopes and Hurdles CSS Essays. Dec 27, Nov 20,  · Energy Crisis has, moreorless, plagued all sectors of Pakistan’s machinery ranging from economy to industry, agriculture to social life, inflation to poverty and it is hampering national progress in a drastic manner.

In fact, the last census in Pakistan was conducted back ininstead of – and we have no idea about why the population rate has sprung up.

Here are some reasons that are actually the causes of the current over-population crisis Pakistan is going through.

Essay on population crisis in pakistan
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Wajahat Khan: Essay : Energy Crisis in Pakistan