Book of acts essay

Book of Acts Essay

The stories are told against a background very different to the world that we see today, organised in cities, but all part of one Empire. The Book depicts the major acts of Apostles that defined the development of Christianity. Christ promised the Holy Spirit to his disciples John 15 v 26 and this Spirit empowered the early disciples.

The thoughts on values and moral integrity that he posted through the lines of the said book actually were inspired by his belief on Christ and his Father [God]. First of all, it should be said that the book is focused on the period of crucifying of Jesus Christ, his Resurrection and the following Ascension and the following period.

The book written about AD Phillips,p. The earlier date is supported by: One of the unique aspects of Christianity is its firm historical foundation. By the way, some researches Randel, McCram, Helms, p. To provide a guide. According to recent researches Carson et al,it is possible to estimate that the general line of the book was rather close to the real life and the Book of Acts was actually named in such a way because the Apostles really acted to spread Christian ideas in the Roman Empire.

Luke summarized his first volume in 1: Outline of Book The first 5 chapters could be called the birth of the church. A lesson here for the modern church who can get over concerned with such things as expenses, building maintenance and new ventures.

Objectively speaking such actions resembled a kind of pyramid when the followers of Jesus, such as Paul, selected the most talented people to make them apostles, who were followers and promoters, i.

For instance, the Book reminds about the preaching of the Twelve Apostles who spoke to people and they understand their preaching in different languages as if the Apostles spoke their mother tongue Phillips,p.

There are even those within the church who are so concerned with keeping of certain traditions, that this can obscure the message that they are supposed to be proclaiming. At times he employs good, classical Greek; at other times the Palestinian Aramaic of the first century shows through his expressions.

Evil spirits worked against them — Chapter 16 v The missionaries revisit the churches and then return to report to Syrian Antioch. Moreover, he even referred to some of his opponents as super-apostles. The book does not record any special ordination of prophets.

Silence about later events. Consequently, in such a way, Christianity could be spread further throughout the Roman Empire. In Chapters 12 v 25 — 16 v 5 we see how the church at Antioch, small and young as it was, became a missionary sending church. At the same time, the fact of election of the twelfth apostle was very important for the future of the Christian church because it created the basis for the future eligibility of leaders of the Christian church.

Here begins to spread of the gospel into new areas. The name Theophilus is a Greek one, and both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts are full of references that would be of interest to Greek readers, with Jesus displayed as the universal savior.

Effective use of speeches. The end of Chapter 6 and chapter 7 tells the story of the deacon Stephen and his martyrdom. The speeches are obvioiusly not verbatim reports; any of them can be read in a few minutes. We are told that Jews even travelled long distances specifically to cause trouble Acts 14 v The title and office must have been present in the very early days of the church because it is taken from synagogue organisation.

Book of Acts

Paul is bought to Antioch by Barnabus and together they establish the church there. Porcius Festus had taken over from Felix, so Paul appears before him too. It is a valuable book, as is seen if we consider how much we know about the church before A.

Traditionally, it is believed that the author of The Book of Acts of the Apostles is the same person who wrote the Gospel of Luke. Chapter 9 introduces Paul and his conversion — v 1 — With the experiences that he himself has gone through, it is undeniable that he was able to write down the different things that happened to him along the way.

In this respect, the ideas of their teacher could be really helpful since at the epoch of Jesus Christianity started to tend to universalization, i. Chapter 8 tells of widespread persecution and of the exploits of Peter and of Philip. The Book of Acts Essay Sample. Introduction.

The Book of Acts Essay Sample

The book of Acts is a sequel to the Gospel of Luke. The Old Testament had recorded the age of God’s people Israel, the Gospels recorded the age of Jesus the Messiah and in this book we have the beginnings of the age of the church and of the Spirit.

Summary Summary of the Book of Acts. This summary of the book of Acts provides information about the title, author(s), date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a.

The Book of Acts Essay Sample

Below is an essay on "The Book Of Acts" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. THE BOOK OF ACTS The Book of Acts was arguably written by Luke, a physician/5(1). The Book of Acts The book of Act was written by Saint Luke. The date of the writing is uncertain, but most scholars favor the period A.

D. Some people think that Acts represents normative guidelines for the New Testament church for all times. Below is an essay on "The Book Of Acts" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. THE BOOK OF ACTS The Book of Acts was arguably written by Luke, a physician/5(1).

The book of acts, and the acts of the Apostles were written by an eye witness. Marshall, notes that from Acts onwards, Luke writes in the first person plural form.

Marshall, mentions in his book, that Luke’s mention of individuals, their positions in society, their tittles and .

Book of acts essay
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